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We offer an easy solution – Operational Processing for UniX.

The recent increases in computer operational costs have led many IT departments to consider re-hosting applications to an open systems environment. A significant challenge to this cost-saving strategy is the corresponding lack of a traditional mainframe production operational environment. In the Unix world, standards and structures for job processing are left to the user, which can be an overwhelming and daunting obstacle. Tetrad Solutions offers an easy answer: Operational Processing for Unix.

This tool provides a framework to allow for the submission, execution and management of jobs in the open systems environment. Specifically, Operational Processing for Unix translates the metadata that defines each job process into real processing on open systems platform. This simplistic approach allows for existing job control language (JCL) job streams to run with little or no modification, thus providing a seamless and streamlined solution to job processing.

Operational Processing for Unix interfaces easily with:

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